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Asian sword fighting techniques

Depends very much on time period and tactical role. So it seems to me that the appreciation for how awesomely expertise a medieval European swordsman has been overlooked and disregarded in comparison to the Asian sword masters. For example, if a swordsman found himself facing off against multiple similarly armed assailants typical movie scenario , would he really stand his ground and take them on simultaneously, or would he retreat to fight another day? It's about knowing and applying a handful of key principles. A survey of technical and artistic treatises reveals a considerable number of works dealing with steel bladed swords, published as early as the 4th cent.
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A martial artist looks at swordfighting in the movies

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Swordfighting: Not What You Think It Is

When I was growing up, my brother fenced saber and I got to see him compete. Damo Mitchell started studying the sword when he was a child. Finally, we must also take note of the influence of Confucian values, which tended to denigrate things military in favor of literary interests. The blade should also be slightly flexible.
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Chinese swordsmanship

It could be that sword technology was by then considered "old hat", so well known by those whose job it was to master it that it hardly warranted repetition in books devoted to new technology. Bob, you should also be aware that the Japanese ken was a straight, double edged sword, that eventually became more ceremonial as it was replaced by the later curved single edged sword. During filming, Mifune waved his arms, which was how the actor indicated his intended bodily direction.
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As a result, most all our conceptions of sword-fighting get it wrong. The Star Wars movies make an interesting study in how Asian sword influenced the movies. The only fight sequence I recall standing out in this regard was the last part of the final duel in Episode VI. The WMA variety kinda prepared the person for higher adaptability. I remember when it came out really wanting to like the movie and being terribly disappointed. You must see it long distance gay relationships
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