Breast prosthetic

Many women who have had surgery for breast cancer and have not had reconstruction wear a breast prosthesis. It might be useful to think about the clothing and swimwear you plan to wear your prosthesis wear before your appointment. If you can, get a few consults from different plastic surgeons to find out what kind of surgical options might be right for you. Where can I get a prosthesis?
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External Breast Prosthesis

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Breast prosthesis | Breast Cancer Care

Airport body scanners will detect external breast prostheses because the prostheses are external to your body. Some prostheses have backings that allow more air flow and may be cooler. There are special camisoles that have pockets to hold your prosthesis and post-surgery drainage bulbs. What you decide to get will largely depend on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Focus on good fit, comfort and a natural appearance in the bra and under clothing. Some women who do not to have a reconstruction choose not to wear a prosthesis.
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Breast Prostheses Options After Breast Cancer

By using Verywell Health, you accept our. In some cases, the surgeon needs to remove a lot of breast tissue and the breast may look uneven. Back to top 8. But if not, there is more choice available if you buy your own from a manufacturer.
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